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Tokyo based Photographer and Visual Artist. He has been honing his skills for the past many years.

He grew up in in a suburb of Shizuoka in central Japan. When he was a child, he loved to paint in nature. Also, his mother read him a lot of books every day, so he developed a strong sense of curiosity and an imagination.
He became interested in archeology when he was a high school student. He bought a SLR camera to take objects excavated and became fascinated in documentary photography. He moved to Kyoto after graduating from high school. With the traditional beauty of Kyoto around him, he has recaptured his passion for photography and his interest wes shifting toward art photography.


Atsuo Graduated Visual Arts College Osaka. Since graduating, he assisted Yutaka Takanashi for 5 years. It was a very educational to work for such a fantastic photographer. After that, he started his career as a Commercial photographer. Meanwhile, he has taken fine art photographs.

He held first solo exhibition “Phantastes” themed as otherworldly forest at Aoyama Omotesando Hanae Mori gallery, Tokyo(2001). After that he collaborated between music and visual art “Romance in dappled sunlight” on the same theme at Shirakawa Hall, Nagoya(2006). Since then, he joined a group exhibition “Luminescence+object” at CASE gallery, Tokyo(2012)and held a solo exhibition “FLUIDITY” at CASE gallery, Tokyo (2012).


My overall influence is from nature. I have an interest in a complex system in nature. Therefore, I hope to creat biomorphic forms and Textures. I often use optical distortions in my photography. Other than that, I paint with watercolours and colour pencils on a paper or a glass plate in order to make textures. Also, sometimes take detailed images of painting. They are records of moments.