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Arkadiusz Tomasz Lastowski known as ”Arek” is a contemporary painter who lives and creates in Aberdeen, Scotland since March 2005.

Native Slav born in Olsztyn, Poland on 7th of August 1979.

Represents unconventional and innovative style which resembles his experience in decorative designs as well as hardships and joys of his existence. Telling passionate and colourful stories of the consciousness in development throughout his work.

Since childhood he has been interested in drawing. Creative arts and own experimentation laid the foundation for his path as an artist.

Following his heart, continued in this direction. Knowledge and experience obtained by completion of several Decorative Designs and Art courses while working for multiple Interior Design Centres over the years . Pursuing his dream, mastered his skills and became an instructor and entrepreneur in this field. That widened his perspectives and opened new possibilities in his further development and career.

One of his achievements in interior decorative designs gained by invention of decorative techniques and styles, is being taught at the Art & Design Cathedral of University of Warmia-Masuria, Olsztyn, Poland.

He is using his creativity and love for life to give us happiness and adventure.

His main inspirations come from nature and human behaviour and not to forget that he greatly admires the genius of Masters like Picasso, Matisse, Da Vinci and Monet.

Life and its purpose in this universe and the sole existence of consciousness became his main subject of his creations.





In my art I like to capture the beauty seen in a change of people, objects and form. Capturing expressions of the moment to involve the spectator as much as I am involved in creating the piece. Getting inspired mostly by nature and surrounding environment with all these great people around me is a blessing. Loving life for its simplicity and enjoying every possible moment to the fullest. Don’t look for great life, live it