< Ansje Visser


Besides free work I also organize photo walks, give photography lessons and photo teambuilding activities. I enjoy it very much when students go from just looking to seeing an interesting image during the lessons.

Everything is photographable as long as you get an interesting angle. I also developed a coaching method for people through photography. It is like creative therapy.


<p>EXHIBITIONS</p> <p>2013 – 2019</p> <p>World impressions; travel photography form Morocco, Mongolia, Andalucía, Cappadocia (Turkey) – solo exhibition, 2013</p> <p>Whispers of Nature: nature photography, Amsterdam – solo exhibition, 2015</p> <p>Plastic Fantastic, exhibition and event about the influence of plastic on nature, Amsterdam – solo exhibition, 2019</p> <p>2020</p> <p>Frozen in time, flower photography, Kunsthek Oosterpark Amsterdam – solo exhibition</p> <p>Frozen in time, flower photography augmented reality, Florence, Italy – group exhibition</p> <p>London Show, Art Full Frame, free work, London – group exhibition</p> <p>Amsterdam in corona time impressions, Amsterdam Museum, online group exhibition</p> <p>2021</p> <p>Decisive moment, Art Full Frame, London – group exhibition</p> <p>Gaia, Mads Milano, Italy – group exhibition</p> <p>Romantica, Mads Milano, Italy – group exhibition</p> <p>Memberships</p> <p>Open Oost – artists Amsterdam Oost</p> <p>Kunst en Kunstenaar</p> <p>KunstRuim – Amsterdam artists</p> <p> </p>


Nature is my biggest inspiration. Nature is the master of art. Showing nature from a different angle is what I am aiming at. I am also looking for simplicity and calmness in my work.Often my art works look like abstract paintings. Landscapes, everyday life, underwater world and reflections are also favourite themes.