Annette Papagianni is an abstract artist based in Athens, Greece. Her work is based mostly on the wonder and beauty of nature.

Through art, she is able to transform her feelings into beauty, self expression, emotions and images that cannot put into words.

Her inspiration comes mostly from nature.The energy she gets when she is connecting with nature… calmness, peace ,completion, love…

She is watching and observing any kind of life form that lives in nature, the flowers, the trees, the rivers the colorful sunsets, the waves that hit rhythmically on the rocks, the sky when is full of stars. All these make her feel as she can touch the universe. This is part of her process.

She can’t describe in words the beauty we have in our world and how beautiful it makes her feel, so she is trying with her art to put all those emotions, pictures, personal experiences, the special connection she has with nature into her canvases.

Painting and nature makes her heart and soul dance and gives her the feelings of fulfillment, happiness, freedom, passion, love and joy. These emotions she wants to transfer to the viewers and to make them connect with their feelings and dreams.

Every canvas tells a different story. The whole process, every step, every color layer, the movement when the hues are mixing on canvas is like they are dancing.The mixture is telling us a story and every color represents its own energy. Each time a unique, magic, different world is created and the story begins to unravel.In this journey the artist invites you to join her.

Her highest goal through her art is to make the viewers feel beautiful emotions, to touch their hearts, to make them dream, embrace their uniqueness, inspire them and to remind them that we live in a miraculous world full of magic, hope, love and light. Despite the situation in the world right now we have a bright future and so much to enjoy in this present moment. We are the creators of our lives and everything is possible.



Through my paintings I am telling stories.All my work symbolizes eternity, love, freedom, passion and uniqueness.My main source of inspiration is nature. Creativity has no boundaries.Everyone is expressing themselves with their own way and this is that makes us unique and each of us has a unique energetic signature. Embrace your individuality, uniqueness and instinctual self expression.Never forget to play like a child. Do what you love, what makes you shine, excites you, makes you feel fully alive and dive deeper into it. When you brake the walls of fear it is amazing what is explosion with creativity, happiness and love is born.We are living in a world full of miracles.We need to take care of each other as we are all connected.We are a miraculous, mystery, human beings and we can achieve anything we can imagine. With everything happening the last years in the world, paint allows me to create my own magical world, and I would be happy if you all join me in this journey spreading and sharing love in the world.