< Anna Jung


My name is Anna Jung. I´m a Germany based artist and architect, born in Poland, since 2001 living near Stuttgart.

At the age of fourteen I discovered my passion towards art. I loved redrawing arts.

At the age of seventeen till nineteen I took drawing lessons from a Polish artist Przemysław Tomczak. My fascination for pencil drawing brought me to study architecture.

Later on after moving to Germany I joined a group of after-work-artists, instructed by a German artist Markus Merkle and an American artist Sally Grayson in the art school “Kunstschule Labirynth” in Ludwigsburg. There I painted my first acrylic painting. From that time on I am in found of oil paints.

Since summer 2021 I share an art studio with artist and musician Sally Grayson. Having a place to create makes me grow as an artist.

My origin of an eastern European country still influences my colour palette and the sensitivity in exploration for the beauty in our common and imperfect reality. The greatest inspiration comes from simplicity of living with all its facets. Wherever I am, I take photos, I observe human behaviours, movements and facial expressions. The light and shadow game on different surfaces moves me greatly. I am also aware of the street’s atmosphere, ongoing nature and most importantly subtle details. My paintings are compositions of these impressions.



2016 – 2018 participation in the exibitions of the Art School “Kunstschule Labyrinth”, Ludwigsburg, Germany

2018 participation in the exibition of the pedagogical college “Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg”, Germany

2019 solo exibition “120 minutes”, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

2019 solo exibition with a vernissage in the restaurant Bullburger Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany


I visualise the artwork before picking up the brush. Once I have a clear image, the first layer is being painted. At this point I focus on the composition and the major expression. The first layer would be usually created in a direct and expressive way. In few days’ time my work shifts to minor details of the artwork. The specific focus is put on enhancing it with the colour palette and shadow by concentrated and carefully considered brush movements.The process is my goal. Sitting in front of the painting, searching for the colours, moving the brush along the canvas surface, dancing in the breaks, thinking about the next steps, all this and more belongs to the process of creating my artworks. I usually end my painting before it´s finished. I let it exist in the creation process, unfinished and imperfect just like humans are, not perfect but completed.