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Andreea Marinescu is a Romanian based artist.
She currently lives and works in Timisoara, Romania, Europe.
Her practice includes paintings, installations, videos and assemblage.
She graduated with MFA Degree from the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara, Romania.
Working on different scales, she investigates the concept of infinity through science’s lenses in both physical and digital
Her themes feature science related subjects such as the infinity concept and also references to human existence.
Andreea Marinescu has participated in various exhibitions and cultural events in Europe.



My artistic work is based on exploring scientifically and philosophical concepts and translating them into paintings using a variety of approaches and techniques.
As an emerging artist based in Romania, I aim to explore my ideas through creative skills and experimentation, enabling the development of creative thinking into an art which responds to a context of profound upheaval.
Inspired by mathematical and physical theories and also by metaphysical and philosophical views, my creation explores the infinity concept through science lenses.
By combining different techniques, the paintings are offering an innovative approach to science and art interdisciplinarity.
The order-disorder interplay allows antagonistic ideas to interact leading to a creative way to configure a visual interpretation and representation of the infinity concept.