< Andreas Angleitner



At the beginning there was a visit in a local Media-Cultural-Institution called MKH, based in Wels.

I saw a flyer which promoted the so-called „Painting Room“ according to Arno Stern’s philosophy of „free and non-judging painting”.

I joined several dates of painting and creating my own works.

There were a few little kids and their moms around too so the atmosphere was quite loud and I felt uncomfortable more and more.

I decided to quit the lessons and started to create my very own „Painting room“ in a hall of a company.

The outcome are all the shown paintings here in the Gallery Azur and on my website. What do I like about my techniques?

I love to rub pastels over the dried surface of limestone to feel the different structures – it is quite a sensual act.

Furthermore I love to use spatulas to break the lines and cross existing color boarders. It is a type of release for my soul and opening my mind.

I feel honored to present my artworks in such lovely surroundings of Galeria Azur. Thank you!