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I know nothing better than to love and create. Create and love, love and create.

Through my dreams she arrived. Yes, it may sound a bit strange, but that is what happened. The Goddess of Art woke up the artist in me after a long and deep sleep. As I started painting I experienced a kind of rebirth which brought deep gratitude from the innermost core of my soul. Yes, the Creator came to life along with heartfelt, sincere, and childlike joy.

I approach my creative flow by simply experimenting in a variety of ways, and perhaps most importantly, by allowing myself to flow and enjoy. The flow may be a bit like varying currents of a river – but by allowing it, instead of building dams, there’s more and more flow. So I allow this constant flow, along with the joy, gratitude and tremendous need to develop my inner artist.

I draw knowledge and inspiration from a variety of artists, subjects, my own mind and the environment – which are all in abundance into my creative flow.


My first solo exhibition “The Art of Living” was officially opened on Culture Night in August 2022. The exhibition was extremely well received and almost all of the works were sold in the first hours of the opening. Moreover, the exhibition was well received with media coverage.

In November 2022 I participated in a group exhibition and auction to support the construction of a new Women’s Shelter held by Gallery Fold in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Previously I was a board member and organiser in the Icelandic Visual Arts Association LITKA where I was involved in setting up and exhibiting in three group exhibitions organized by the association.

June 2021 in Gallery 67, Reykjavík, Iceland.
September 2021 in Reykjavík City Hall, Iceland.
July 2022 in Stokkseyri, Iceland.

The association’s largest group exhibition was in the Reykjavík City Hall to support Psychiatric Aid. I was one of the main organisers for the installation of the exhibition. The President of Iceland honoured the exhibition with a speech at the formal opening, as did the chairman of The Icelandic Mental Health Association.


After a lifetime of not knowing about my creative spirit and talent, she gently woke me up to it. I call her the Goddess of Art. She is now my great ally. She lead me to find a hidden treasure of joy and creation within me. I strive to express the joy and gratitude I feel having found this treasure.

When I paint I enter a meditative state and it feels like I tune in to a frequency of flow. I let it carry me into a dimension full of ideas and simple universal truths.

I love to play with colours and geometric forms, with sharpness and contrasts. I believe they resonate into the core of the soul. I truly believe that those who resonate with the simple universal truths that I express will also resonate with my artwork.