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I have been carving sculptures with a chainsaw for 10 years. During this time a special technique and developed my own visual language.
My sculptures challenge the senses and inspire the imagination.

They are a game of transformation in which figures with human features seem to be in the process of dissolving, rebuilding or otherwise reuniting.
This approach creates a fascinating tension between form and dissolution.
My artistic career is therefore not only characterized by craftsmanship skills, but also a constant search for new forms of expression and a deeper connection to my art.
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Quote from Markus Golser, art historian

„Andrea Halm‘s wooden works are not created from the material, but almost against it. It is not the visual or haptic contact with the apple, poplar or lime wood that marks the beginning of the creation process, but sketches on paper. The figure developed on paper is then carved into the material with a chainsaw. „The wood has to follow me,“ says the artist herself.
However, the figure in the mind‘s eye undergoes changes during this process. In the dialog between the sculptor and the fantasy creature she has created, it gains its own individual character.
In the border area between plant, animal and human, moving and animated figures are created in which overemphasized sensory organs, such as bulging mouths or tentacle-like eyes, contribute significantly to the sensual aura. This is further intensified by a pop-colored coating of the smoothed surfaces.
These thus detach themselves as a shell from a core framed in light-absorbing black. Its multiple perforations ensure a close interlocking of volume and surrounding space.
In addition, the initial volume of the workpiece is reduced to a framework of intertwined lines through numerous openings and holes. Their curved and kinking courses contribute to the expressive dynamism of the figures. On the one hand, they are reminiscent of the art and cult objects of primitive, exotic cultures that inspired the artists of classical modernism. On the other hand, their polychrome poppiness transports us to the aesthetic world of comics or advertising.
The individual character of the figures is then congenially concretized by the artist‘s brother, Jochen Maier. The individual figures, some of which he arranges into groups, are given names corresponding to their individuality, which in turn become part of a lyrical calling card. Initially the result of artistic inspiration, the figures in turn become the source of it. Fantasy figures as fantasy stimulators.“



THOMSON GALLERY in Zug, Switzerland – ARTBOXY and

Venice Biennial Architecture Exhibition

HAKLEBUNT joint exhibition in Wendlingen – every 2 years

ART OPEN – the city center of Esslingen becomes a gallery

AUSZEIT – art exhibition with BDS, Stuttgart

and more…


My art is a vibrant symphony of colors and shapes that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary. By combining expressive colors and clear structures, I create a world that is simultaneously familiar and yet full of surprises. My colorful and whimsical sculptures break with conventional ideas and bring color and joy into the space. Each of my sculptures tells a story and invites the viewer to break free from fixed ideas and discover new dimensions of perception.