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Ana Tinoco is a contemporary visual artist, based in Seville (Spain) for more than 10 years and born in Extremadura. Spain

With a background in engineering, her relationship with drawing and painting begins since childhood, where she grew up surrounded by construction materials and architecture due to her family’s dedication to the sector. These experiences and contact at an early age lead her to develop her creativity, giving rise to her passion for art.

Her work develops and evolves through textures, being mixed media the main tool with which she connects and interacts with the viewer. Creating a link between the world and the work, the visual and the tactile, the design and the EMOTION.



Festiarte Marbella ´22. Spain August 2022

DWM -Design Week Marbella ´22-. Spain September 2022

II Salón de Otoño. Exposición Arte Contemporáneo. Seville. Spain October 2022.

30 Edition Art Shopping Paris. Salon International D´art Contemporain. Carrousel du Louvre. París (France). October 2022.

Interconecting Lines. MEAM. Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno de Barcelona. Barcelona (España). November 2022.

Pincelada de viento Europeo. Galería Gaudí October 2022

Galería LANZA ARTE. Madrid. December 2022.


¨”I have always felt very attracted to everything that entailed an aesthetic and creative side. Architecture, interior design… and of course art.

One day I decided to take the path of art, through which I can freely express and create my ideas, emotions, my sense of aesthetics and my view of the world.

Design, beauty, harmony and light are the pillars on which I base my works, I firmly believe in art as origin and end, ART FLOODS EVERYTHING so all processes are meticulously cared for and every detail is part of the work.

ART is freedom for me. My works are my way of seeing life”.