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My name is Ana Laura Bellorin Sierra, a self-taught mixed media intuitive artist living in New York. I have a background in energy healing. In this season in my life I feel a strong calling to paint channeled high frequency energy messages, and emotions that want to be translated into art. As I connect to these energies through meditation, lots of information comes to me in the way of colors, shapes, textures, power animals, symbols (visual art).

I believe there is a painting that correlates to the energy you need and will help you on your path. My paintings may be abstract, more realistic, a spirit animal or a mix. There is a plethora of inspiration to connect to.

In my art I use different types of mediums. It all depends on the energy being channeled and what I feel is right to translate that to evoke the emotion I’m connecting to. I may use acrylics, oils, watercolor, alcohol inks, resin, or a mix.

I want my art to inspire and connect you with your higher dreams, energies, and emotions. To help you move forward when you feel stuck or uninspired. I want my art to bring positivity and help heal the world bringing heaven to earth, a little piece of big inspiration on a canvas.



I create channeled unique artwork for people in the search for more, who want to get inspired and connected to higher lever emotions so they may be helped in their daily life by connecting with their soul and the energy created in their space to navigate this life.