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Ana Gonzalez (AnnaBanana), 22 years old, born in Talavera de l Reina. From a very young age she felt that her life path was heading towards art.

Formed since she was a child in different musical disciplines, her training at the Compañía de María school was essential to give her a special sensitivity and perception of the spiritual. At the end of his school studies he began his law studies, but he soon realized that the fine arts were knocking on his door.

Today Anna is a graduate in Fine Arts and Fashion Design from the Francisco de Vitoria University. He has specialized in acrylic painting, muralism and watercolor.

He has several exhibitions to his credit dealing with various themes and focusing on their abstraction.

In his works you can notice the presence of the supernatural and intimacy with God. The union of faith, art and philosophy endow AnnaBanana’s works with a special charisma. Union between tradition and religion, thus defining the essence of “what is Spanish”, the union of being with its environment and the sensitive relationships of the human and the divine are keys to understanding the works of AnnaBanana.


-Fine Arts+ Fashion design ( Universidad Francisco de Vitoria)
-Grade 5 piano- ABRSM

-English B1
-German A2
-French B2
-Spanish (native language)

– sale of Art works since 2018
– pop up art in Talavera de la Reina ( january 2022)
-Art exhibition Espacio MADOS (28th march- 2th april 2022)
– Chapel mural, Mocejón (Toledo) february 2022
– Exhibition “El día que encontré la perdiz” (October, 13,14 and 15)AnnaBananaStudio, ST.Catalina, Talavera de la Reina.
– Artistas por Ucrania, exhibition by various artist at the head of Covadonga Tellaeche, Ronald McDonald foundation.


Abstract works with a certain figurative sense and marked by great spirituality would be how I would define my works.

A style clearly marked by the union between my three great passions, philosophy, art and faith. A continuous struggle for the search for the truth within oneself, as defended by Saint Augustine, who will be a key piece to understand the pieces of a spiritual philosophical nature that I present.

Questions about the truth, the path and the good, a search for a superior entity that loves us above all else.

The works are a journey of thoughts throughout my short life and philosophical studies.

I would define my works as penetrating and absorbing, in which the viewer is a fundamental part, since these themselves, due to their large size, embrace the viewers and wrap them up.