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I am a Brazilian ceramics artist.

My interest in ceramics was awaked​ during my early school years. I remember being very interested and excited about creating pieces with clay during the art classes. I never forgot when I first tried the wheel – I was about 10 years old. I grew up seeing my grandmother producing bronze sculptures in which she used clay as a mold. I believe these moments introduced me to the art world.

As a teen, I had the opportunity to attend a summer ceramics course at UCSD Studio (University of California, San Diego), which made me understand the characteristics of working in a ceramic studio.

Later, I participated in a “Terracota Wood Firing Workshop”, at the Spannochia Farm in Tuscany – Italy with the american ceramist Don Davis. It was an experience that was very beneficial to reveal to me my own creativity. It gave me much confidence to continue my creative work in ceramics.

Years have given me the practice in the ceramics art by attending workshops of known Brazilians ceramists such as Lucia Ramenzoni, Paulo Meireles and Hideko Honma. I continue the endless learning, researching and practicing which I display in my daily work in my studio.


Academic information:

2001 – 2006
Bachelor degree in Architecture and Urbanism, FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado) – University of Fine Arts.

2016 – 2017
Master degree in Design: Ceramics, MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) – Manchester School of Art.


Manchester School of Art, 2017.
Galeria do Ateliê, 2018.
Online Exhibition: I Infinite Dreams by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, 2021.
Florence Biennale, 2021.
Galleria D’Arte Mentana, 2022 (online).
Galeria Mobiliário Urbano, 2022.
Paks Gallery, 2023

Award: Circle Foundation Finalist Award in the online art contest, Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing, 2020.


I strive to create, through an intuitive understanding among forms, organics volumes and space, freely abstract ceramics vessels and sculptures. Fantasy and imagination are brought into the narrative, whereby the ceramics forms are to seem to be alive and to move in a world that only fantasy and imagination can reach.

The main pottery techniques, wheel-throw, slab-built, pinching and coiling are used. I explore different clays highlighting natural textures and colors on the ceramics pieces.


Process:  pottery techniques, intuition, controlling proportions and organic volumes with sensibility.

Intention: fantasy, imagination, movement.