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Amisha is an Indian national, born in Oman, and has been living in Singapore for the past 4 years. She has always taken inspiration from the Indian culture she was brought up with as well as the nature and scenery of Oman. From a young age, she was encouraged by her father, who is an artist by profession himself, to learn to create and quickly understood how to emote through her art. She is a multidisciplinary artist that uses various mediums and methods such as sculpture, painting, photography as well as sound and video installation to create her works. She uses art as her own kind of therapy and believes that any place, person, object, or emotion can be depicted through the above mediums. And that is what she strives to achieve through every one of her works.


1. “UNCONSUMED”, Hearth by Art Outreach, held at Gillman Barracks, Singapore (August 2021)

2. Graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with a Diploma in Fine Arts (July 2021)

3. Exhibited at the Lasalle Graduation Show at Lasalle College of the Arts (June 2021)

4. Exhibited at “FLUID SPACES II” by The Starving Artists, held at Aliwal Street, Singapore (March 2021)

5. Curated “BETWEEN DILETTANTES & DISSERTATIONS” Walkway 2021, organised by McNally School of Fine Arts, held at Lasalle College of the Arts (March to April 2021)

6. Exhibited at “FLUID SPACES I” by the Starving Artists, held at Gillman Barracks, Singapore (March 2021)


Action painting has been a great stress release therapy for me in the past and hence I organised the project “ART” which was carried out by painting with our bodies while listening to a piece of music that had extreme changes in tempo as well as styles to allow us to paint what we heard and felt. The result was perfectly imperfect splashes, strokes and muddy blobs of paint on canvases. This project is an homage to my past self and an attempt to share my love for art with my fellow artists.