< Amber de Lang


Amber de Lang is an emerging Dutch artist born in 1989. During her career as IT manager, she encountered herself with a burn-out. After recovery and the born of her child, she decided to focus more on her passion for painting and took her creativity to a professional level. She always had a creative side and used to draw, paint and craft during her childhood.

Amber de Lang is a self-taught artist, inspired by textures, nature’s movements and color trends for interior design. She experimented with different tools and colors and found her signature in the use of palette knifes and metallics. The ups and downs she encountered in live are reflected in her paintings and visible through the use texture and the balance between black and white.



Creating an art piece is all about the process. I start with a certain color palette and idea of how the texture should flow on the canvas. The freshly created layer inspires me for the next layer, together with the emotions that the layer gives me at that moment. Balancing layers, contrast and texture is such a satisfying process, giving me a sense of freedom and inner peace.