< Alyona Siergieieva


Engineer by trade. Artist by heart.

Painting was always part of me, even when i didn’t know it.

When I was a kid I was quite an introvert. I loved to observe things. I didn’t mind people but I felt the best when I was on my own. In those moments the world around me was disappearing and another, my own world, was emerging in front of me. A world with no rules and no limitations.

I was shy. To that extend that I had troubles in communicating with new people.

I was introduced to painting in school. I loved it, but I was afraid. I was afraid to be judged. Because it was then that my inner self was coming out on the paper. So I never really dared to paint as freely and as often as I wanted.

I did some painting now and then as a gift. Gift to my friends, either it was painting on a thermo-mug or notebook cover.

But it was never really free. It was carefully choosing motives and color scales that fits in a “frame”.

Years went by. My personality was changing. My farther said i turned 180 degrees in my way of communicating with this world.

I opened up and let the world to come in.

I still have some part of that introvert in me, but I’m not afraid anymore. I’m free.

And now I’m ready to pour on that canvas all I got in me.


Konst i Advent by Engleson Gallerier in Malmö, november 2021.



Painting is my way into the unknown.