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Allen Pires is an artistic name used for my digital painting work. After some artistic experiences in my youth, I began a career in graphic design, having been director of a studio for over 25 years. In the last 10 years I resumed the activity in the field of art, first in Photography, which I maintain, and, for the last 5 years, in the field of digital abstract painting, where I developed his own vision and technique. I maintain art promotion and edition activity, being the manager of, a small collective of artists from several countries.

In an artistic area such as Painting, where everything seems to have already been done, I’m trying the way of synthesizing the values of the physical painting with the specificity of the digital medium, using it, not as a tool that imitates the artist’s hand gesture, but as an instrument of pictorial production with its own characteristics and potentialities. My technique has the explicit intention of preserving the “insurmountable” materiality of the painting – his “tactile soul”- for which I incorporate, by anticipation, in the creative intention, the final physical support (the paper), always having in mind that the final result is, indispensably, a physical thing with its “corporeal” richness and diversity of tactile characteristics