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As a highly awarded designer, Aplin now uses these design skills to create abstract art with pizazz. Her style is eclectic ranging from naïve Still Life to bold abstracts. Oils are her preferred medium associated with other materials. Techniques vary for added interest. Aplin approaches her work with the ‘point of difference’ attitude. Her work is unique, exactly as she intends it to be. Imperfection and depth lie at the core of all of her work.


2022 June – Collab (by invitation) with Monat Gallery, Madrid and MONACO Art Fair 24th June to 26th June. This in conjunction with a collective exhibition for 30 days in Monat Gallery including a contract for 12 months.

2022 March 30th to April 30th – Invitation to be part of an exhibition ‘Rebellion’ in Galeria Azur, Madrid, with actual plus virtual for 12 months post exhibition.

2021 December – To be featured in the Art Edit/Interior Design Magazine for autumn.

2021 November – solo exhibition of new works in Portland Family Practice

2021 October – Flatspace, London, to act as art managers for my artwork; now actively promoting my work in USA.

2021 October – exhibiting member of IAVA following juried curation

2021 October – Invited (130 international artists) to be part of the World of Crete virtual art event, Kreta Event with an online booth

2021 23rd September/21st October – Solo Exhibition in Julia Street Creative Space, Portland, Victoria with an exhibition titled ‘Point of Difference’ – overwhelming response to my exhibition

2021 September – Paris Contemporary Art Fair in collaboration with the Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain, by invitation Van Gogh Gallery.

2021 May – Invitation by Guto Ajayu Culture in Spain to be included in the Anthology IV 2022 book. This is a high-quality collection showcasing artists and their works, which I have chosen to be included in.

2021 April – Invitation to join the Singulart artist community online. This is by invitation only & is an international site based in Paris.

2021 March – Invited as Member of IAVA (International Ass of Visual Artists)

2021 March – Solo Exhibition in Gallery 127, Avoca, Victoria

2020 Member of Julia Street Creative Space, Portland, Vic. Remains current

2020 Invitation by MADS Milano to exhibit works in December in the FABLE virtual exhibition

2020 Invited to provide works for the international virtual site MADS Milano DRESS me exhibition (Instagram site @madsmilano) to coincide with the 2020 Milan Fashion Festival.

2020 Invited to exhibit works in Uralla Gallery, NSW

2019 Member Mud Gallery Hamilton – now unjoined

2019 Member FProject Warrnambool, Victoria, remains current

2019 Joined Saatchi Art for display of artworks for sale

1995 to current – Owner and Designer of Timandra Design & Landscaping – multi award winning


I paint as a passion, as an energy release. My work is in the abstract expressionist style. Experimentation of medium and technique drives my practice, but I’m also interested in the aesthetics of the finished work. My art reflects my passion, embodying design throughout, but my practice also allows me to challenge traditional design theories. I explore this tension, the dichotomy between structure and energy, to produce something quite unique. Colour blends are essential and each piece produced by me is intuitive embracing both broad gestural strokes and contemplative detail.