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Aliénor de Montalivet is a self-taught artist born in France in 1993. After studying biology and landscape architecture, Aliénor moved to Montreal in 2018, where she worked as a landscape architect and artist. During her studies, the crossing of different scientific and artistic disciplines, and the creative dimension, used in the design of landscape projects, foster her sensitivity and reinforce her need to evolve in a personal artistic practice. The encounter with a new culture and a territory, leads her to want to express and share more through art, a sensitive experience of crossed and inhabited spaces. Drawing, painting and collage are her main mediums of expression.

In a process that is both intuitive and rigorous, Aliénor is interested in the spatialization of the body and its way of apprehending the world and the territory. Her practice explores how personal dissidences, psychological struggles and resistances, letting go or abandonment permeate the body psychically and physically and can influence motility and the way we perceive ourselves spatially. From the modalities of her personal bodily existence, her work questions the plural and ambivalent manifestations of corporeality, at the intersection of multiple social identities, and with regard to cultural and historical social conditioning. She seeks to render an intimate sensory and motor experience playing on an inner colorimetry in tension, and an intuitive gesture. Her work develops a visual narrative that is both dreamlike and composed, through which a new way of thinking and being in the world becomes possible. His work seeks to explore the poetry of place through the body that inhabits it, creating a new connection between humans and their environment. The body-world interface then becomes the matrix of a lived landscape, through the encounter between its inner Momentum and the lived territory. Her work is part of a phenomenological approach and a geopoetic exploration of space. It is also influenced by the narrative and experiential force of Francesca Woodman’s photographic works. Aliénor develops her work from her travel notes and sketches, photographs, but also from the collection of inert or organic elements, gathered and herbed. From these fragments, she creates an intimate cartography by putting them in tension or in relation through different mediums such as painting, drawing and collage. In her works, the bodily experience oscillates between subjective and objective perception, and is felt as much in a fragmented intimate narrative as in the memories of abstract and changing landscapes.