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Aleksandra is an Abstract artist /entrepreneur based in Croatia. Presently running her own art business in, Pula, Croatia. ART SHOP NOVA
Her artistic experience began in Boston, USA, where she emigrated in 1998. In 2019 she was granted by the European fund. The grant supported self-employment, giving the basic startup funds for small entrepreneurs with the main purpose of showing the Innovation in Visual Art presentation. She graduated from Gibbs college, Visual communication program in Boston, USA 2000, which was her second education after her prior study of Law in Zagreb. She decided to undertake a profound change and pursue an artist career convinced that she had no future as a lawyer and followed her passion for Art. After returning to Europe in 2003, she continued to work steadily, producing Digital art prints of the same general sort. She used her own photographs, using them for photomanipulation and collages work. Over the years she has captured huge collections of digital artwork prints. Photos were taken from different places, Urban parks, surrounding areas, travels, resting areas. During the years she studied Nature in its harmonious beauty, discovering the places where Nature spoke to her. A change from her earliest digital artwork happened when she opened her own Gallery and set up her new studio. The transition from digital creation to analog way of painting using acrylic medium opened a new way of showing her personality, and inner self. She started to paint on large size canvases. The change consisted in an increase of general more space throughout the canvas which gave her more possibilities to work with the whole picture at the same time and give her freedom to experiment with medium. She kept the main characteristic and topic of her work, Inspiration from Nature…close to the Nature senses as she captured in prior digital works. Aleksandra describes her art as emotional visualization and abstract intuitive painting discovering her deep insights. She must have felt connected with the Nature scenes as well as with her personal feelings. She likes to communicate with the feeling of motion, it’s kind of paint with joy, when she uses her whole body moving around the canvas placed on the floor.
The main topics of her present painting:
– Seascapes – Sequences of the sea series
– Mediative, Imagined Landscape, Intuitive painting
– Paintings inspired by Music where she mapped together the same emotions they evoked
– The work inspired by her personal spirituality, (Art Therapy) intuitively work


Exhibitions and Showcases

Showcasing and selling her work in her private Gallery from 2015 – present
1. Fine Art, online showcasing 2006 – 2019,
Digital artworks and photographs
2. Kosek Events GmbH, Wien, Osterreich, im St Durnstein 17 – 19 Jun 2022, Art, andWine Festval Mozarts Sinfonie g-moll KV 550, Emotonalen malerei abstract, Art Music Inspirierte, Acrylic on primed canvas
3. 17 Venice Internatonal Art Fair, Borders, Future Landscapes, 2023 – 17th editon, Itsliquid Group in collaboraton with ACIT Venice – Italian-German Cultural Associaton, July 21 – August 08 2023
Sequences of the Sea, Acrylic on primed canvas
4. Rome, Italy, Future Landscapes, – Senses Art Fair 2023, 1.12 – 15.12. 2023.
5. Art Expo Ljubljana, Slovenia, Brdo kod Kranja, October 12-15 , 2023
6. Rome, Italy Rossocinabro Gallery, Contemporary art in Rome, 01.2024 – 04.2024, Intuitive paintings, Imagined landscapes
7. London Contemporary, 10th edition 2024 Feb.6.
Sequences of the Sea, Acrylic on canvas

Upcoming exhibitions:

1. Artemida Art Week, Cultural Center of Milan 7.05. – 18-05.2024
2. London Contemporary, 11th Edition, April 26,_May 10, 2024
3. Modern Art Masters in Complex du Louvre Carrousel du Louvre, curated by Heinz Playner October 2024

2024, The International Prize Leonardo da Vinci in Milan
The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.


My journey into Abstract painting began in 2008 with the strong passion for self-exploring my inner insights and become throughout the years the way of discovering my deepest emotions and feelings.
The first Intuitive panting I created in 2008 titled Female figure, Liberation, I drew a beautiful woman figure, using soft pastels. I still remember that day, my feelings, and excitement when the work was completed. I have had a feeling of being a sculptor. Drawing with fingers and intuitively I felt that already have been familiar with the process of sculpturing. From that moment I knew that this was my discovery and the way how I want to paint, intuitive painting that led me to become an abstract painter. Abstract art enabling me to experiment, freely communicate with my inner space of emotions and sensations. My preferred tools and techniques involve a palette knife, brushes, and depends on my inspiration, sometimes I use different unexpected tools to help me to create special effects and textures. I do not do planning, or sketching, my artistic process is totally intuitive and during the process I am free for changing the direction of painting according to the moment of accident happened. The ability of prediction is not possible, but we must be open to it. What I mean by accident? It’s just the sign and when it has appeared we start to follow. Per example, I am painting the first layer and gesso mixing with a slight of one color, while working on canvas suddenly it happened to be seen contours, very tiny lines, the parts of some forms, becomethe guidance for my work.
Kenneth J Hiebert, ‘Nature gives us our bearings, our reference points, our sensory apparatus to apprehend its phenomena, and the intelligence to respond to it and to use it.

The main topics of her present paintings are
– Seascapes – Sequences of the sea series,
– Mediative, Imagined Landscape, Intuitive painting
– Paintings inspired by Music where she mapped together the same emotions they evoked
– The work inspired by her personal spirituality, (Art Therapy) intuitively work

Pastel paintings
Acrylic painting
CATEGORY: Fine Art Prints
Nude, Figure drawings
Abstracts and Intuitive paintings
Photomanipulations and mixed media, photographic art prints
Landscape scenes, Impression from Nature/ Drawing from Nature