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Alejandro Toscano is a mexican artist. Since childhood he was in contact with art in many of its forms (painting, music, literature). He studied classical humanities and specialized in arts. He has lived in Germany, Italy and Spain. During his years of study in Italy and Spain, he toured museums guiding tourists and students. He has taught courses on the history of art, history of music and creative drawing in Mexico and Spain.

Music can be seen. His artistic work is influenced by music and sounds, their movements and the emotions that emanate from them; by their colors and shades. For him, creating is not only a way of projecting what he feels inside to the outside; it is a vital necessity. It is a kind of “anxiety”, where harmony, melody and sound suggest colors, shapes and textures. Each work is like a translation from the language of music and sound to the language of painting. Another leitmotif of his artistic work is what he calls “the palace of memory”; each brushstroke, each shape is also a journey through the rooms of that palace and all the senses living in it. From the spaces of childhood to the hectic rooms of today.