< Aldo Parvillez


Self-taught Aldo Parvillez had 1000 lives: factory worker, demolition worker, hang-gliding instructor, movie theater manager, integration trainer for people in difficulty or even television director. From 96 he chose to become an independent director and went to do news subjects in the Gaza Strip, the former Yugoslavia and set up his camera in many Eastern European countries. He began painting somewhat by chance in 2003. Since then he has exhibited in more than 40 exhibitions in France and abroad.


summer 2022, TEM Contemporary Art Space, Goviller, France – February 2021, Ubique Gallery, Dinant, Belgium – November 2018, exhibition at Ciarus – Strasbourg – September 2018, Gallery “La [Voix] des clous, collective exhibition – January 2018 , Improbable meeting collective exhibition, Town hall of Bacarat December 2017, Le Baz’Art, Epinal.September 2017 – Gallery «La [Voix] des clous, collective exhibition – December 2016, Le Baz’Art, Epinal – September 2016, Art and garden, Mondorff/bains, Luxembourg – June 2016, Place Privée, Nancy – June 2016, Sculpture in town, Nancy – June 2016, Art in the Gardens, Houdreville – November 2015, Galerie Neuf, Nancy – August 2015, Galerie “le Chat Pitre”, Condom – June 2015, Art in the Gardens, Houdreville – June 2014, Art in the Gardens, Houdreville – May 2014, with the EPPLA collective, Sion – September 2013, France 3 Lorraine – June 2013, «Le hang’art», Nancy – September 2010, Contemporary Art Festival «The art of today is the heritage of tomorrow», G alerie La Plomberie, Epinal – June 2010, Galerie du Bailly, Epinal – March 2010, Galerie L’Eclat de Verre, Nancy — May 2010, artistic residency and exhibition at the French Center for Culture and Cooperation, Cairo/Egypt – May to September 2010, Gallery Al Mostaqal library, Cairo/Egypt – October 2009, A.V.S.E.A, Epinal September 2009, Festival of International Meetings of Polyphonic Songs, Gallery of the Citadel, Calvi – June 2009, Maison de France Télévision, Paris – February 2009, Art’icule Gallery, Metz – December 2008, European Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual, Nancy – September 2008, Festival of International Meetings of Polyphonic Songs, Citadel Gallery, Calvi. – August 2008, Bailly Gallery, Epinal – September 2007, Contemporary Art Trail, Heritage Day, Epinal – September 2007, “Art Dans La Rue” Festival, Luxeuil Les Bains.


Although he often uses the line which is the plastic graphic start of everything, drawing, writing, delimiting a form, etc… Without figurative reference, his work reflects an attraction for the subconscious and the emotional world, the one that remains secret and intimate. in adulthood between shadow and light but also a poetic and personal aesthetic dimension which is the only claim and political message. In his paintings there is nothing to recognize, they are not linked to an anecdote; in general, they do not represent anything concrete that would parasitize the plastic work, but they are an opening to sensations, to emotions, to memory, to its interiority, it is up to you to project your own.