< Bela Riera



Born in Barcelona in the 60´s. During his adolescence he tried to suicide for being in love with one of his best friends. When finishing secondary education it was very clear about the path he wanted to follow. And art for art’s sake became his flag. He was forced to study law, but he succeeds studying Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona.
When he was 24 due love deception with his girlfriend he went to a destructive process so ended having face injured due a car trash and becoming HIV+.
He gave up on painting, worked on shipping, married and had a daughter. He divorced
After a complicated life creating in the shadows, with full maturity he returns to claim art for art’s sake.


Artist360 – Madrid – Painting Exhibition (“Off Arco show”)-Jan 2022 – Feb 2022
Les Fauces – Aix en Provence – Painting – Oct 2004 – Nov 2004
Cafe Adonis – Barcelona – Digital Photo Big Format May 1996 – Jun 1996
L`Espineta Photo exhibition– Cibachrome Jun 1992 – Jul 1992
Master in fine arts – Barcelona University June 1992


“Art for art’s sake” was from the beginning my motivation to paint, the engine that led me to the present moment. After avoiding realism, photography, image manipulation programs, and the messages of denunciation, political temptation, the disenchantment of the romantics,… I have focused in mapping a new world, capturing the landscape of emotions, mental spaces, panoramic views of joy, the celebration of life itself… Painting in essence…hidden feelings