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Akshita’s vast range of works include portraits, landscapes & abstract expressionist paintings.Akshita’s is a believer that every thought & every creation has an energy & frequency. She uses this awareness to consciously creates art that amplifies messages of inclusion, positivity, joy & happiness. Whatever the subject, Akshita’s works display depth, elegance & beauty.
She has shown at prestigious shows and galleries like Saatchi art gallery and the Louvre Museum ( Carrousel) in Paris. Her works have been featured in magazines and selected in numerous online and open call events.


Past and Current Shows:
In 2020 Akshita’s works were selected and she made her art debut at World Art Dubai. Her works very well received
In October 2020, she was selected to show her works in London at The Royal Arts Gallery in London and at La Galleria in London
In 2021, she was shortlisted as a finalisit for her portrait Reflection 1 for the Royal Arts Prize in London
In October 2021, she was selected to showcase at the world-famous Saatchi art gallery in London through StartArt Global
In March 2022, she was selected to show her works at World Art Dubai show
In 2022, Akshita’s select works became available on Startart Global platform and Artsper platform
In Sept 2022, she will debut her works in Paris at the most revered art museum in the world, The Louvre Carousel in Paris, through Focus Art Show
In Sept 2022, she showed at a group exhibition with senior Indian Masters and Senior Artists organized by gallery Suanartland at Hotel Anantara in Dubai.
In Oct 2022, she will be showcasing at Saatchi Art Gallery through Startart Global
In Dec 2022, she will showcase her works in a group exihibition by SuanArtland held at the Hotel Anantara in Dubai
Akshita’s works are featured on online platforms like Saatchi Art online, Artsper and StartArt Global.
Her works have been published in magazines like Flux Review, Artist Talk, Artistonish as well as in a number of online galleries through open calls. In July 2023, Akshita’s works have been selected to be broadcast on in Times Square, New York.

2001 – B.S.B.A in Finance and management from Boston University’s School of Management. Boston, U.S.A
2005 – Certificate in Interior Design, Florence Design Academy. Florence, Italy
2018 – Lotus Art Academy. Dubai, U.A.E



Akshita’s art originates from an emotional,autobiographical point of view or then from a point of view based upon the reality around her.She is led to intuitively paint with emotional freedom when she’s creating her abstract expressionist works.When painting the reality around her whether inspired by nature or people she tends to follow the more traditional techniques of painting. Everything from the colors, textures, and brushwork come together in harmony and invite the viewer to connect with the emotions and story of her paintings. Akshita’s painting style is influenced by her love of the Renaissance and Impressionist Masters like Rembrandt and Monet.Whatever the subject matter, Akshita wants to create works that are timeless, elegant, and beautiful.