< Joy Jo


I do abstract works in which my figurative ideas are melted. Whether text or painting, I express myself without boundaries in art.

My main work is the study of the inner shape of the city and space in which we live and the nature of the space that is not revealed on the surface. The unconscious scape recorded simultaneously in space and people’s mind is unsealed on my canvas.

Direct and indirect experiences of space are penetrated in our minds according to how impressive the experience was.

‘The Mindscape’ is literally a landscape of the mind that is drawn together with inner thoughts, perceptions, and unconsciousness.

This space, which looks like a ‘harsh superego’, repeats itself as it boils and breaks even in the freezing air.

However, it never disappears and expands more firmly.



Cities and spaces are often considered unchanging. However, cities are constantly changing in the flow of nature as part of a vast universe. Most of us are aware of physical changes, but beneath them are internal changes. The image of the invisible space constantly expands with the stories of people passing by in the passage of time.