< Adam Starr


Indianapolis based photographer and painter, Adam Starr, has been creating abstract works for the past several years. He first started producing artwork after attending a photography class while studying at Indiana University.

Adam feels spiritually called to create art. His practice is cathartic for him. The stream of consciousness method he utilizes helps him fully express and release his emotions. The work Adam produces comes from a pure and vulnerable place. He is deeply inspired by the music he listens to and the movements that come out of this.


<p>M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, “Paraiso Exhibition”, Milan, Italy, July 2021</p> <p>Albe Art Gallery, “Speechless” Virtual Exhibition, May 2021</p> <p>Harrison Center for the Arts, “Dogs and Cats Show”, May 2021</p> <p>Siilk Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Summer 2021, Athens Greece</p> <p>Boomer Gallery, London, England, “The New Artist” Magazine Feature/ Virtual Exhibit March 2021</p> <p>Lost Dog Gallery, Artifacts of 2020, February 2021, Indianapolis, Indiana</p> <p>2020</p> <p>Harrison Center for the Arts, Annual Color Exhibition, December 2020, Indianapolis, Indiana</p> <p>Nickel Plate Arts, Noblesville, Indiana (Gold Standard Exhibition), November 2020</p> <p>Fishers Art Council (Juried Exhibition), Fishers City Hall Art Gallery, Fishers, Indiana, October 2020</p> <p>Featured Artist at Murphy Art Center (First Friday Event), Fountain Square, Indianapolis, Indiana, Friday September 4th</p> <p>Yellow: A Color Exhibition, Garfield Park Arts Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2020</p> <p>May Virtual Exhibition, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, May 2020</p> <p>Art Diaries (March-May), Zhou B Art Center, 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL</p> <p>Show Me Yours, Show You Mine Show (March), Lost Dog Gallery, 1040 E New York St, Indianapolis, Indiana</p> <p>Terms of Endearment (February), Nickel Plate Arts, 107 S. 8th St., Noblesville, IN</p> <p>2019</p> <p>Is Everyday Extraordinary? (November), Gallery 924, curated by Aurora Photocenter, 924 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, IN</p> <p>“Prized Possessions” Show (November), Nickel Plate Arts, 107 S. 8th St. Noblesville, Indiana</p> <p>R Gallery – Solo Exhibit (May-September), 2027 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado</p>


Regarding his paintings, he utilizes calligraphy pens and oil paint during this process. His process would be considered “stream of consciousness” or “jazz painting”.He incorporates the emotions he is feeling during the time of creation using the emotional aspect of color and the rigidness of the black calligraphy pen. The themes surrounding his paintings include connection, spirituality, and love.Regarding Adam’s photos, each one is similar to a painting, as colors compliment the chosen manipulated subject. Formulated with a dreamy atmosphere these photos produce an awe-inspiring nostalgia for the viewer.The mystic nature of Adam’s style moves the audience to feel its strength, providing a window into the heart of its creator.These crafted pieces carry a moral and spiritual dimension standing for simplicity and connection.