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Aleksandr Petelin was born in 1981.
Currently he lives and works in the Altai, Barnaul.
Aleksandr has been drawing since childhood, mostly pencil illustrations for books and films, he also tried himself in the genre of portrait.
Then there was a period of passion for painting miniatures, working with acrylic paints. Currently he has devoted himself entirely to oil painting. He uses linen canvas, works mainly with a palette knife in the impasto technique. The main subjects of his works are landscapes and flowers. He participates in exhibitions, his works have been awarded diplomas.


1998 – 2003 Altai State University Russia
2022 “Let’s Paint The World” Chelyabinsk, Russia
2022 “Russian Art Awards” Moskow, Russia
2022 “Fragment” Ekaterinburg, Russia
2022 “Jamboree” Barnaul, Russia (diploma of the laureate)
2022 “Art Excellence Awards” international art contest (bronze medal)


With his painting Aleksandr tries to draw the audience’s attention to the beauty of the surrounding world, first of all, to the beauty of nature. It is communication with nature that allows a person to return to himself, to recover when he is exhausted, gives an endless source of inspiration to live and create.
The artist conveys this in his paintings. This is a call to the audience – notice the life around you and be happy!